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Once upon a time, in 1930, our grandfather would immigrate to America, open a storefront bakery, and bake fresh and delicious old-world breads for his new-found Brooklyn neighbors. He would call his bakery Damascus Bakery, in homage to his motherland.

Today, now a few generations later, our family pays homage to our Brooklyn roots with our newborn brand name: BROOKLYN BRED® SINCE 1930. And why not? These days Brooklyn is the name to be, the place to be, and for those with the guts, the way to be! Just one bite into our edgy, award- winning Brooklyn Bred® Bistro Breads and you’ll get a real taste of generations of baking still at work. Hey, who knows bread like a Brooklynite, right?

We love baking for our Brooklyn Community, and for your community, too. Every day, every loaf is an opportunity for us to bake authentic- and truly outspoken—BRED that reaches out—and speaks out—to all, no doubt with a Brooklyn Accent!

For the entire story of Damascus Bakery, Bred in Brooklyn Since 1930
Brooklyn Bred Bred with a Brooklyn Accent


Brooklyn Bred Pizza Crust Traditional Product Package


Bred in Brooklyn, we know that the success of every pizza begins -and finishes- with the crust. That’s why we formulate, ferment and hearth-bake our thin, lite crusts with that lesson in mind. That’s what gives them their unique bubbly personality and of course, the famous “Brooklyn Bite”.

Brooklyn Bred Bistro Buns Product Package


Naturally fermented and outspoken on the outside, soft and savory inside—just like a real Brooklynite! 100 delicious—and wholesome—calories open to your hearty imagination. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, even dessert.

Brooklyn Bred Bistro Sticks Product Package


Think outside the BRED-box and let our naturally-fermented Brooklyn Bred Bistro Sticks appetize your imagination. Toast’em! Top’em! Dip’em! Dunk’em! Or simply separate and share them. A cornucopia of fresh & fun creations to share with family and friends.

Brooklyn Bred Our Bred Your Imagination


We made the perfect pizza crust. The rest is up to you now. Follow these proper baking techniques to get and share the true Brooklyn Bite.

Defrost for 15 – 30 minutes.
Preheat oven to:
425°F – Conventional Oven
375°F – Convection Oven
450°F-500°F – If using a Pizza Stone.

Lightly brush crust with olive oil.
Top with your favorite toppings.
Crispy Crust: Bake directly on oven rack or on pre-heated pizza stone.
Chewy Crust: Bake on sheet pan.

Bake for: 8-12 minutes (Rack), 5-8 minutes (Stone) or until crust is golden brown and crisp, cheese melted.
Extra Crisp: Pre-bake crust and oil for 3-5 minutes; add toppings, bake for an additional 5-10 minutes.


Grilling is an easy and delicious method for preparing Brooklyn Bred Pizza Crusts if you follow a few simple tips:

Use a charcoal or gas grill set on medium or medium-high settings.
Lightly brush both sides of Brooklyn Bred Crust with olive oil.
Grill crust top down on a covered grill for approximately 2 minutes.

Turn crust over and top lightly with desired pizza toppings and cheese.
Cook pizza on covered grill until desired doneness, toppings are warmed and cheese is melted. Grill a little longer if you desire a crispier crust.

When grilling pizza crusts, please do not leave them unattended as grills vary in temperature.
Serve immediately.



You are in the right place and we are here to bring it to you. Check the locator below to find a store around you that carries Brooklyn Bred products. Trust us, that store will become your favorite—if it’s not already!

Our Pizza Crust is also available on FreshDirect for convenient delivery!


Simply print, fill out our request form and give it to your store manager.


Share your Brooklyn Bred recipes and experiences with us!


This is where we share all those things that get us excited with you; new products, features and of course, Brooklyn
—as a neighborhood, a personality and naturally as a state of mind!

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